Faculty Resources and Forms

HEST Fiscal Training and Overview Manual

The forms provided can be found within this manual for a further detailed explanation.

HEST Fiscal Training and Overview Manuel

ELR Template Fillable

Electronic Labor Redistribution fillable form is used to move labor expenses from one source of funding to another by dollar amount or by percentages. The form is requested to be filled out and signed by the respective employee and supervisor or principal investigator if it is on an unrestricted award. 

FRF for Funding Request Form

Funding Request Form is an internal HEST form to request funding for a specific purpose. The request can be made within the department, to the dean's office, etc. If your department does not have an internal form, this one can be used. Approval for the requested funding must be secured before any purchase is made or before services are secured. 

PRoF Proposal Routing Form

The preliminary proposal Routing Form (PRoF) is initiated by the principal investigator to inform the RBC program managers of an upcoming proposal. This form provides the information needed to create a ARGIS/Streamlyne record through the NMSU  Sponsored Project Accounting department required for all proposal submissions.

PRoF Proposal Routing Form

PEF For Preliminary EPAF Hires

Preliminary Electronic Personnel Action Form (PEF) forms is used to hire staff, faculty, graduate students or adjuncts.  This form is filled out and routed for approval before entering the hire through the electronic system.

PEF For Preliminary EPAF Hires

RBC Document Naming Convention

When submitting a document for approval through SharePoint these are the naming convention instructions.

PEF For Preliminary EPAF Hires