The College of Health, Education, & Social Transformation

A Timeline of the Establishment of the New College


September-October 2020

The New College and Research Institute Taskforce was charged with designing and executing listening sessions, focus groups, and surveys in order for faculty and staff in the Colleges of Education, Health and Social Services, and Arts and Sciences to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the proposed concept

Listening sessions were held in late September and early October. Some sessions focused on a specific topic or concern for combining the colleges, while others were general listening sessions to gather feedback. A survey was also sent to all colleges that had departments that could potentially be affected by the new college.

External view of O'Donnell Hall, home of all Education Courses

Results from the Taskforce was provided to Provost Parker on October 16, 2020 and can be found here. Provost Parker submitted a proposition to Faculty Senate, who collected additional data and feedback before voting. The proposition was then submitted to the Board of Regents's for a final vote in May. 



May 2021

NMSU Board of Regents approves the New College proposal, moving forward with the establishment of a new organizational chart and the search for a new dean. Dr. Henrietta Pichon is named the Interim Dean of the College of Health, Education, and Social Transformation. Arts & Sciences Dean, Dr. Enrico Pontelli, will chair the search committee for the inaugural dean of the college. 


July 1, 2021

The College of Health and Social Services, College of Education, and the Department of Sociology effectively merge to become the College of Health, Education, and Social Transformation. 

An arial shot of memorial tower located on the New Mexico State University campus in Las Cruces, New Mexico